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Where is your Focus?

Two questions I despise… “Where do you plan to be in your ___________ (fill in the blank) in five years?” and the ever intimidating “What positives have come out of your current situation?” This latter question seems to be asked when your life has fallen to hell! I‘m never sure what people expect you to… Continue reading Where is your Focus?


The Holidays?

I was struck by the Lectionary reading for this past Sunday in Philippians 4. If you are not familiar with the lectionary or the liturgical reading of the bible you can learn more here: its more than just a Christian calendar, it was first used in Judaic worship. Philippians 4:4-7 “Rejoice in the Lord always;… Continue reading The Holidays?

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Ugly Vines

This bean vine is ugly, has been since July, and I didn’t pull it because my mother in law once told me: “if they are still flowering leave them be. They will produce when their ready, even ugly things bear fruit.” Lately I’ve been feeling like this vine looks, tired, useless, brown, and used up.… Continue reading Ugly Vines


We Are Not Alone

Last week I got really good news. I am slowly getting better, my brain is healing. However, it’s not perfect yet, I still get tired easily, weather and pressure changes affect how my head feels, thinking takes energy, my balance has always been poor and now it just plain sucks, the dizziness comes and goes… Continue reading We Are Not Alone



Many of you are familiar with the song Hallelujah written in the 1980’s by Lenard Cohen. It has always been a favorite of mine. From its vague allusions to scripture, to the truth of life in the early 1980’s, it always struck a sacred chord for me. Yesterday was no different. I had a cerebral… Continue reading Hallelujah!


Devastating Chaos: How Thunder Can Change Your Life

It has been a while since I’ve written and for once I have a good reason. LOL. First a disclaimer, being told you may have stage 4 cancer changes your perspective on many things. Second, if a possible cancer diagnosis doesn’t get your blood pressure up, being told they’re not sure, will send you over… Continue reading Devastating Chaos: How Thunder Can Change Your Life